Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why Is My Bankruptcy Taking So Long?

by Dana Wilkinson, Attorney at Law
December 3, 2013

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My Thoughts:
This article really addresses a serious problem for bankruptcy lawyers. Often, we get hounded by our clients about getting certain things done. However, there is nothing we can
do if the client doesn't do his/her part.

When I first start a bankruptcy case, I need two things: 1) the documents I request and 2) the legal fee.

I cannot tell you how smoothly it goes when a client walks in with a well-organized folder that has everything I requested in it. I can get that petition done in a couple days and we can feasibly have it signed and filed within a week or so.

You have to respect your bankruptcy lawyer. You have to do what they ask your to do or things are going to drag out or get messed up. Many other firms will have you working with several lawyers. I don't do that. I work with all my clients directly. That keeps my fee low and keeps me apprised of everything going on in the case.

The article I linked to above is a great essay on this subject.

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